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How to succeed in screencasting without really trying.

Introducing a new resource for all those interested in the subtle art of screencasting. The newsletter’s focus (like ours) is on the use of screen video for creating cracking marketing spots and tutorials, but we refuse to be pigeonholed! The Screencaster also offers tips on related tangents like writing amazing sales copy, addressing individual learner styles, or setting up a quiet recording space. News, reviews, client case studies, and quick tips are all fair game.

And, just in case you had any privacy concerns…

  • We will not sell or rent your contact information to anyone else, ever. Period.
  • We will not contact you more than once a month or so, you don’t need to worry about being inundated with e-mail.
  • We will not contact you on unrelated topics nor will we pitch you a bunch of affiliate products.