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How can I get a video made? …preferably quickly, and with as little effort on my part as possible.

From basic screencasts to webinar archives to fully animated motion graphics, dappertext can build it for you. But first, it’s important to know if we’d be a good fit. Thankfully, finding out is easy…

STEP 1: Watch our brief screencast/animation showreel:

STEP 2: If what you saw speaks to you, please check out some of our full example videos as well as testimonials from our amazing clientele.

Are we for you?

Our consultancy offers soup-to-nuts video creation starting with concept, curriculum design, and scripting. We then move on to art design and storyboarding, followed by narration, capture, editing, special effects, and finally, export and sharing.

As such, we cater mainly (though not exclusively) to small- and medium-sized organizations looking for a complete turnkey solution with  little or no hand-holding required.  

And finally, STEP 3: Fill out this brief form so that we can schedule you for a brief, FREE openline session with Daniel Park, dappertext principal and one of the world’s leading screencasting professionals…