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A custom screencast can make tutorials, sales demos, and presentations Come Alive!

Screencasts made by dappertext are the perfect solution for online training, software demos, and sales presentations.

Whether you’re…

  • demonstrating your new intranet site to a group of colleagues,
  • bringing a new hire up to speed on your custom Excel template,
  • or presenting your new web design concept to a prospective client,

wouldn’t it be nice to actually put them inside the experience of working with these tools? Now you can, with Camtasia Studio and dappertext.

Train two people or 2,000 with ease

Problem: You need to train an entire sales force on the new contact management software in less than a month.

Solution: A video tutorial series of from dappertext. With our videos, you can train as many students as you want, all at once. Our “trainers” are portable and infinitely patient. Just click, and you’ve got a learning tool that easier to operate than a VCR. With Camtasia Studio’s wide variety of output formats, we can make this content available even in a completely “locked down” corporate environment.

Increase your sales force without consulting Human Resources

Problem: Sales are slipping. You need more sales, but can’t afford to hire more salespeople.

Solution: Spice up your site with dappertext marketing videos. They can pre-qualify your prospects by showing them aspects of your software or web application before they ever talk to a salesperson. And your Camtasia Studio videos are always available, so that they’re still selling for you long after everyone else has called it a night.

A screencast makes a dynamic statement without saying a word

Problem: You’re supposed to present your new web application at a major trade show on July 31st, but your sister had the gall to choose the 31st for her wedding day…

Solution: Let dappertext present it for you in the form of a demonstration video. Our virtual presenter can give the same consistently great demo a hundred times in a day, if needed. Let’s see a human presenter match that.

And even if you do have a presenter at the ready, we can create a demo video that plays nice with the pre-written spiel delivered by that person. With a full multimedia show backing up your presenter’s words, it’s a virtual cornucopia for both the eyes and ears.

You supply the application, and we’ll supply the action, the script, even the voice. We’ll still let you take the credit, though.

They instruct. They entertain. They sell.

Contact us today to find out how our custom screencasts can work for you.

Just fill out the quick form over on the right-hand side of screen, and get immediate access to our fee schedule. We’ll contact you via e-mail within two business days to further discuss your project.


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