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Camtasia: The Definitive Guide
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 31 reviews
 by John Braat
A Must Have Camtasia Accessory

Camtasia without Daniel Parks' Definitive Guide is like a day without sunshine, (you're just left in the dark). It's the golden ticket to the chocolate factory, the key to the city, the bop in the bop - shee bop - shee bop. Simply put, if you intend to become a Camtasia pro, you'll get the Definitive Guide, read it, and then use it frequently as an easy reference. You're welcome.

 by Jeff Stolz
A Camtasia Goldmine!

Daniel Parks’ book, The Definitive Guide to Camtasia2023 is a GOLDMINE! It covers every tool and feature of Camtasia as well as everything you need to ensure you prepare properly for production. There are many embedded screencasts that cover everything from best practices to workflows which really add to the learning experience. You can tell that Daniel puts his heart and soul into his book and the price is graciously affordable for the plethora of valuable content.

You have your choice of file formats, and I tested each of them (Online, EPUB, PDF). They all work seamlessly.

I have only been studying the program for 2 years (I am an advanced Snagit user) and used every resource I could find to learn Camtasia well, but this book raised my knowledge and skillset to a higher level quickly.

Thank you, Daniel, for writing this invaluable, current, comprehensive Camtasia treasure! I had been searching for a current book for quite some time, so I was excited when I found this gem.

 by Erik Grønhaug
You'll need this

I started buying this book some years ago, and have upgraded every time a new version arrived to market. For my own part, I still use the book to hone my skills in Camtasia. In addition; I used the information in the book to create my own powerpoint template for my colleagues, facilitating their ability to create high-quality webcasts and interactive materials. The book is also useful when discussing possible ways to meet specifications and solve challenges in production.

 by Philip
Camtasia 2020 Definitive Guide

The Camtasia 2020 Definitive Guide is really well written. Even though I did the Techsmith certification courses related to Camtasia and the book is a great complement to what is available on the internet. I definitely recommend the book to anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly.

 by Bob Schilld
Always lives up to it's title

I've been using Camtasia for a long time. Each year the "Definitive Guide" is a MUST!! Daniel's knowledge of Camtasia is GREAT! This guide is easy to understand and full of gems and is a MUST HAVE.

 by Jose
Great tool and reference.

This is great tool for an ever expanding app that gets more complicated. Follow Daniel and you will find the way.

 by Fred Grover
Camtasia Definitive Guide Books Review

First off I have to say I have been using Camtasia for many years myself. But, I have gotten all of Daniel's Definitive Guide Books on Camtasia and taken some of his Video Courses.

Daniel is a very talented Instructor and he never fails to amaze me and I always learn something new that I did not know was possible. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn more about Camtasia get his eBook today. Thanks Daniel for all you do and keep up the great work.

 by Steve Anderson
Great Resource

I have been using Camtasia for quite a few years. I have found the Definitive Guide to be a valuable resource for learning about new capabilities, as a resource for help, and as a guide for creating effective training videos. Highly recommended!

 by Chuck Parish
Camtasia 2020 Definitive Guide

I have purchased the Camtasia Definitive Guide for the past 5 versions of Camtasia. It fills in all the holes in the Techsmith Help and Training. I am also a Techsmith Camtasia Pro Trainer and still use the Guide for quick reference. Yes - I will continue to buy each new release! It is invaluable and saves me time and money in design and production/editing.

 by Suzanne Smith
This is how it's done

I've been working with Camtasia for many years now but always buy the Definitive Guide as soon as it's released. There are so many hidden gems in this book that have greatly improved my workflow over the years. Highly recommended.

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