“I need some images to make my screencasts look more presentable. Because I don’t want to get my company into trouble, I need to be absolutely sure the images are legit. Where do I go, and how do I get the best bang for my buck?”

There are a metric ton of online services for downloading pictures to spice up your video content. Where specifically to go is a matter of personal choice. But I think for everyone, a pay-to-download service should fulfill two basic goals:

  1. It should grant you unlimited use at a very attractive price, and
  2. The images should be very high quality, with lots of selection.

For  me personally, I have come to rely on Fotolia.com as a near perfect mix of quality, selection, and price.

Here are a few things that tip the scales for me in its favor:

  1. You can choose between a credit-based system and a monthly subscription.
  2. The subscription option is highly versatile. There are several monthly download quantities for all kinds of budgets. Also: If you don’t need a ginormous image (and for screencasting, you usually don’t), you can generally pick  something smaller that will only cost you half a download.
  3. And my favorite part is that your unused downloads ROLL OVER. Screencasting projects are highly variable – I’ll need more downloads some months, and fewer in others. This feature means I’m covered either way.

So that’s the “why” of my choice, but today, I want to demonstrate the “how.” The following screencast will show you:

  • How to go about choosing the right images for your project.
  • How to organize and buy them, and
  • How to do it as economically as possible.

[wpanchor id=”vid”]Check it out…