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If after using the Definitive Guide for at least three weeks, you don’t believe you’ve saved at least $100 worth of time and frustration, return it and I’ll refund 150% of your purchase price.

There are but four common-sense, legalese-free conditions for taking advantage of this guarantee:

  1. You have to have the book for at least three weeks and make an earnest effort to absorb the material and work through its exercises.
  2. The guarantee is only valid for single-copy purchases. In other words, you can’t buy 100 copies, wait three weeks, and then return them all at a tidy profit  🙂
  3. To help us improve the guide for future customers, you need to send us a detailed message about why you didn’t think the book benefited you, and  how you believe it could be improved.
  4.  You must agree to delete the book and not share it with others.

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